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Peter Pan Wows the Crowd at Sri Kl Concert

SJ Echo : August 2015 Screen shot 2015-08-14 at 5.04.36 PM

THE audience of Peter Pan - The Musical, staged by the Sri Kuala Lumpur Primary School were brought to Never Never Land for the night; and stopped growing up throughout the performance.

The evening gala...


Sri KL: We are not to blame for congestion

The Star Online : 21 July 2015


WITH fingers pointed at it as the main contributor to traffic congestion at the Kewajipan Roundabout, Sri Kuala Lumpur school claims it is not entirely to blame.

When the school opened 20 years ago, there...


A book on unity to inspire a song

The Star Online: 23 June 2015 thestar1Unity’s song: Anas (standing, in yellow) and Zainalabidin (on Anas’ left) at the book launch of Many Colours, One Nation.

SUBANG: Not many hit songs are related to unity, but local singer Zainalabidin Mohamed and businessman Anas...


‘Pelbagai Warna, Satu Bangsa’

'Pelbagai Warna, Satu Bangsa' Buku Perpaduan Si Kecil Yang Menyentuh Hati Isnin, 22 Jun 2015 3:24 PM Oleh: IZRA ABDUL RAHMAN [] mstar1

Sebahagian pelajar Sri Kuala Lumpur International School yang terlibat dalam persembahan kebudayaan bergambar kenangan selepas buku perpaduan, Pelbagai Warna, Satu Bangsa' dilancarkan di...


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