Math Links
A+ Math
A collection of online resources to help students improve their math skills. Includes interactive games, a utility to create and print your own flashcards, and a homework helper section that allows the student to input a math problem and answer and then lets the student know whether the answer is correct

Ask Dr. Math – Elementary School Level
A collection of questions on elementary school math with answers by Dr. Math.

Flash Cards for Kids
Select the arithmetic operations, degree of difficulty and number range for interactive online flash cards.

FutureLearn – Free Maths Courses
Join online maths courses to build your problem solving and analytical skills, and understand the language of mathematics.

Math Stories
Worksheets of word problems for Grades 1-8, including seasonal and topical problems. (Not an online activity; worksheets need to be printed and completed offline. Answer keys included.)

Number Monster
Online arithmetic game lets user choose operation and level of difficulty. Running score is displayed, and correct answers are given if answer given is incorrect.

Language Links
The Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee
The official website of the National Spelling Bee. Includes study activities and tips, rules, participation guidelines, and other resources.

Children’s Storybooks Online
A collection of original storybooks for young children (preK to 1).

Cyberkids Home
A variety of information and activities for kids. Includes Kidzeen an online magazine with writings by and for kids.

For Young Writers
Advice, articles and interviews useful to young writers; links that might help young writers get started and network with other young writers; online and offline writing groups, associations, and workshops; forex markets for young writers to publish their work online and offline; discussion forum for young writers.

Science Links
The Sky
Part of the “Sea and Sky” website, explores space as one of the last frontiers. Includes a tour of the solar system, space games, images, space exploration, and more.

Star Child
A learning center for young astronomers. Includes sections on the solar system, the universe, space stuff, and a glossary.

Views of the Solar System
A multimedia adventure unfolding the splendor of the Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids, and more.

Art Links
Crayola Art Education
Lots of information from teachers including resource guide, art techniques, art lessons and much more.

Art Activities & Art Games
Lots of kids friendly art activities and games.

National Gallery of Art – The Collection
Images of the works in the National Gallery of Art. Tour the collection by medium and school or search by artist or title.

Music Links
Children’s Music Web
A site dedicated to music for kids. Kids can learn new songs, write their own songs, make their own radio show and more. Also includes sections for teachers and parents.

Digital Folksong Database
A searchable database of folksongs from many countries. Includes lyrics and allows user to hear tunes.

More National Anthems
Most also include information about the country and lyrics.