FAQs for International Programme

What is IGCSE?
The IGCSE is a programme offered by the Cambridge Examination Board which is the equivalent of the British O-Levels.

How long is the programme?
The Programme is a 5-year programme starting with Year 7 (the equivalent of Form 1) and ending with the Year 11 examinations which are set and marked by the Cambridge Examination Board.

What is the difference between the IGCSE and the local programme?
The programme follows the British curriculum and the medium of instruction is English. The teaching methodology used in the programme thus emphasizes project work and more student participation in lessons.
The students are encouraged to read more widely on the subject taught and subsequently acquire better research and presentation skills as well as developing into more self-directed learners.

What differentiates your international programme from other schools?
Sri KL has a more Malaysian flavour and our programme places considerable emphasis on the students acquiring a strong knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia as well as Mandarin. Over and above this we are committed to ensuring that our students do not lose their Asian heritage and values. Besides this, The International School terms also follow the Malaysian semesters.

Is Bahasa Malaysia compulsory?
Yes, it is compulsory for all Malaysian students who will have to sign up for their SPM Bahasa Malaysia when they are in Year 11 (the Form 5 year).

How do I enrol my child for the programme?
You will need to pay the registration fee and sign up for a 2 1/2 hr. Entrance Examination which comprises of an English Paper (1 1/2 hours) and Mathematics Paper (1 hour).

What is the minimum requirement for entry into the programme?
The candidate must obtain an average score of at least 60% with a strong score in English.

Does your school take in students following the local programme after Year 7?
No, not as a normal practice as your child would have missed out on the foundation and might have a problem catching up with the rest of the class.

What are the subjects offered in your programme?

Year 7 – 9 Year 10 – 11
English English
Bahasa Malaysia # Bahasa Malaysia
Mathematics Mathematics
Science* Physics
Computer Studies Chemistry
Chinese Language Biology
English Literature Business Studies
Art Accounting
History English Literature
Geography Additional Mathematics
Music History
Global Perspectives Geography
Physical Education
Computer Studies
Chinese Language
* taught as Physics/Chemistry/Biology
# taught at the same level as the local programme


What is the minimum number of subjects that a student has to sign up for in the IGCSE examinations?
There is no minimum number of subjects required but the school normally advised students to do at least 6 – 8 subjects.

What is the educational path taken by your students after they finish the IGCSE?
Students can proceed to do their pre-University course in any of the local colleges or go overseas as the IGCSE is internationally recognized.

What are the examination fees like?
The candidate is normally charged about 40-45 pounds sterling per subject registered depending on the fee set by Cambridge for the year in question.

What are the benefits of being in the programme?

  • The students develop a considerable amount of confidence and become poised individuals.
  • Their research skill will improve and they are more capable of working on their own.
  • Presentation skills are sharpened.
  • As they are being exposed to a wider curriculum their general knowledge will also improve and they will be more able to carry themselves better in the outside world.
  • Students are more enthusiastic about learning.
  • Students gain far greater exposure to English Literature and greatly improve their English skills making them more competitive in later studies and the work place.