Registration for 2020 and 2021 is now open. Do come and visit us for more information. Office hours: 8 a.m - 4 p.m daily on weekdays and 8 a.m to 11 a.m on working Saturdays.
We care about fostering the right kind of values in our students.
Our students are exposed to a diverse and challenging co-curricular programme.
We believe that a love of learning can be inculcated through a system where knowledge acquisition is stimulating and enjoyable.
A strong moral code is emphasized in our children's social development.
The school's emphasis is on strengthening the bonds between students and emphasizing their similarities to produce children who have a deep sense of national pride and a balanced world view.
Key dates on the calendar include Sports Day and participation in the Malaysian Schools Sports Council controlled interschool sports meets.
We're believers in the old adage that healthy bodies make healthy minds.
Many of our students go on to receive recognition for non-academic pursuits such as music, art, drama and excellence in sports.
We believe that every child has potential that needs to be nurtured.
Soccer, netball and basketball are popular sports at school.
The School conducts regular exchange programmes with schools across the globe to broaden our students' experience.
Students learn to become young ladies and gentleman who recognize and respect the customs and traditions of Malaysian society.
Traditional and creative approaches to teaching and learning are employed.
Our curriculum is anchored to the Cambridge Primary (CP) Programme.
Our medium of instruction is predominantly English but our values are firmly Malaysian.
The School runs highly successful training and development programmes for a number of sports.
Co-curricular programmes expose our children to club activities, sports, games, drama, music and dance.
It is our belief that artistic expression is essential to a child's development.
Secondary School is a place of self-discovery and independent learning.
A 25-metre swimming pool, complete with separate changing facilities and showers, is always in use.
The school complex consists of three blocks. Each block has four floors and a combined total of 72 classrooms.

our school

    • Primary

      The Primary Curriculum is anchored to the Cambridge Primary (CP) Programme with school initiated subjects that will fulfil Malaysian Educational aspirations.


    • Secondary

      Sri KL Secondary School’s IGCSE programme is provided by the Cambridge International Examinations syndicate.


    • News &

      Find out what our students have been doing.


    • Contact

      For all general enquiries, please contact Reception at Tel: 03-5634 3491/3


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