Sri KL Traffic App

Sri KL Traffic App: Getting Your Child Home Quickly And Safely

  • The App will help the School’s Traffic Marshals to manage traffic by advising parents/drivers in real time as to the traffic situation in and around the school and warning errant drivers of changes to pick-up times or zones due to bad weather or unforeseen circumstances.
  • More importantly, drivers can be warned of impending clamping/fining for breaking the rules and given time to relocate their vehicles.
  • Marshalls will also use the App to issue demerit points to errant drivers that can be checked and observed by the School and parents in real time.
  • All car stickers will have a serial number that will be tied back to students’ respective enrolment file numbers. This will allow the School to better track parents who themselves or whose drivers break the rules regarding traffic management so that action can be taken against them.

Why Demerit Points?

  • By creating a system that incentivises parents and students to abide by school traffic rules, Sri KL is continuing our mission of developing students with healthy habits of mind.

How Do Points Work?

  • Offences will be given demerit points. Three demerit points in one month will mean disciplinary action!

What Happens Next?

  • Any vehicle receiving three or more Demerit Points in a month will be suspended from entry into the school.

How Do I Redeem Myself?

  • Demerit Points are reset monthly to ensure that only serial traffic offenders are penalised.